Adventure and Happiness


Cara here! Oops, it’s November… so we may be a little behind with our podcast, BUT… soon, we’ll have our sh*t together and have guests. Nicole promised. Just kidding, she didn’t, but I’ll make it happen.

ANYWAY, exciting stuff happening in my world. I had my book launch party for Adventures of the Dress! Huge success, and I had a lot of fun. Finally seeing the project come to it’s fruition was a very happy and humbling experience.


Now to send out all Kickstarter packages and list the book on Amazon. Star Wars Dress by SiQ Clothing.

Also in recent news:

Totally Wasted will be out December 8th through Luna Station Press and you can view the trailer [ H E R E ]

I got the courage to hit up my buddy, Doug Richardson for a foreword for the Wasted Series. I’ll cover his amazing books next podcast, but you can buy 99 Percent Kill now.

GGBC read of the month: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

DIY Dammit by Joselyn Hughes

Tattoo Coloring Book

I traveled to Zion for a backpacking adventure. It was cold as f*ck but I overcame a few fears and did the thing:


Questions of the month:

What’s your anxiety story? What are you reading? What would you like us to read?


Episode 002: SDCC 2015 and #AskELJAMES Backlash


July is a wonderful month. It’s full swing summer and the biggest geek fest is San Diego Comic Con. This year did not disappoint as Cara ventured out as Lady Loki with her wicked corsets by SiQ Clothing.

Cara was featured on BRIT+CO and POPSUGAR.


There was a strong presence of female hero/anti-hero cosplay this year! Cara was asked by Chloe Dykstra to participate in a SourceFed 360 Degree Photo! CHECK IT OUT!
See more pics on Cara’s INSTAGRAM.

We also discussed the #AskELJames Twitter travesty and the ongoing Megalodon that is Internet trolling…which bridges a thin line of hate speech. Buzzfeed has a recap of some of the more enlightening tweets that occured:
READ THE ARTICLE Bad writing or not: do you think EL deserved the abuse? AA says no.

Alcohol: freeze the shit out of sangria and make little sweet, sweet snow cones of destruction.

We are also in very much like with:
The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of The Living Dead by Travis Langley
Is Everyone Hanging Out with Me (and Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling
The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons

What are you reading as your summer stretches on? Are you a re-reader or are you tackling something new?


Episode 001: Hello Summer


June is here and so is summer. We’re talking about ourselves mostly- it IS our first podcast and it’s horribly awesome! We touch on Cara’s kickstarter campaign, her convention schedule, cosplay, and the summer reading list for the Geek Girls Book Club… plus alpacas, Youtube and Netflix.

Minor foul language. Turn your volume down because our first attempt at podcasting is kind of fail. Nicole is in full stereo! (which is Cara’s fault, and she apologizes)

Erin DeMoss: Badass Creative
Cosplay: SiQ Clothing
Author: Brian Keene
Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey
Join the Geek Girls Book Club! GOODREADS // FACEBOOK
Adventures of the Dress

End of episode questions:
If you could cosplay as anybody, who would it be?
What are you reading and/or playing right now?

Tell us in the comments OR post on the Facebook page and we’ll give you a shout out next time.